The Councilswaptogo website is open to public viewing but only registered and approved members can communicate with other subscribers.

We help people to move by introducing them to others who are looking for Council Exchange, Mutual Exchange, Council House Swap, Housing Association swap.

So how does it work for you?

For Tenants:

Register your contact and property information, details, photographs and we blinks (where required) of your property and the requirements of the property you would like.

·    The Councilswaptogo database will automatically and instantly identify suitable properties for a swap or part-exchange and email the links directly to you. The links will also be shown in your *My Matches" area of your account profile.

·    Once you have looked at the links and found something you like the look of you email the owner of that property directly from their property page. As the match has to work in both directions the owner of the property you like will already be aware of your home as a potential swap or part exchange.

·    The next step is to arrange a viewing with the tenant of the home you like.


·    The other home owner will then view your property.

·    If you both agree to a property swap you will need to contact your landlords and fill in the necessary paperwork.

For Landlords:

·    Register your company details and contact information. List as many properties as you like for a competitive flat monthly fee.

·    When you are approved as a member you will need to contact your tenants and applicants to establish their search criteria.

·    Maximum Rent, Preferred locations, Minimum Bedrooms, and Type of Property are the four basic elements to set up a property match.

·    The bespoke Councilswaptogo matching system will identify suitable properties for a swap and email the links directly to you or your tenant. You will also be able to track these online within your Councilswaptogo account